Moving Solutions

A new home. It’s every homeless family’s dream, what they work so hard for the entire time they’re in our shelter programs. Moving into a new home comes with challenges so significant, they could potentially devastate the family’s ability to truly overcome homelessness and successfully transition into permanent housing.

Why do we need Moving Solutions Volunteers?

Homeless individuals and families often don’t have the same “luxuries” when it comes to moving into a new home that other families might have, for example, the chance to view the apartment before signing a lease, the ability to choose a move-in date, the financial ability to hire movers, rent a moving truck, and purchase furniture. Virtually none of the individuals or families at HSI have their own furniture, including beds for their children. On top of these disadvantages, most of our families are headed by single parents who have little to no familial support in the area, leaving them no choice but to juggle caring for children while they are moving. They need that final “hand up”.

How does it work?

You sign up to be one of our dedicated Moving Solutions volunteers. By committing to a few hours of heavy lifting (and maybe some baby holding on the side) a few times per year, you can virtually watch a family’s homelessness end right before your eyes as you help them move into their new homes. Members of our moving team will receive a notification – in most cases with only a few days’ notice – via email when we have a family about to transition out of the shelter or THP and are in need of moving help.


1. Transporter/Driver

Drive your truck or large vehicle to help transport items. 25 years or older. Possible ways your help will be needed:

Provide transportation for the family’s belongings from our Transitional Housing Program or the Main Shelter in Morristown to the family’s new home (typically in Morris County).

Provide transportation services to pick-up donated items and then deliver them to the new home. Item pick-ups include things like couches, bed frames, tables, etc. Donated items may have multiple pick-up locations.

2. Mover

Help load and unload furniture from the previous location to its new destination. These items can range from small boxes to large pieces of furniture.

3. Furniture Assembler

Assemble newly donated furniture like bed frames and tables in the family’s new home.

4. Babysitter

Provide childcare assistance to the family so the parent(s) can focus on the move. In many cases, the parent needs to be with the volunteer driver to go to multiple locations to pick-up their donated items. A babysitter will ensure the children are in a safe, stable location. Babysitting will take place at THP or in some cases at the new home. 16 years or older, or 14-15 years old with an adult.

5. Personal Shopper

We are in need of smart shoppers! Shoppers will have a specific budget to use vouchers to get basic starter items for the home. Store locations are nearby and shoppers are not responsible for payment or delivery. If you can shop on a dime, this is the role for you.

Questions? Contact or call (973) 993-0900 x213